Discover the pedestrian trails

For pedestrians, it's the promise of a beautiful, leisurely and contemplative outing.

Two trails for you to discover:

  • Le Creux de la Foudre, access from the intermediate station (1st stop on the Glaciers gondola)

  • The Live 3000 discovery trail at the summit.

Gondola timetable coming soon.

1-day LIVE 3000
30,00 €

Le Sixième Ciel

A place of natural happiness

In this friendly space, everyone can take a break to have a snack, savour a drink, or simply contemplate the beauty of nature. Whether on the terrace or inside, this cocoon is a refuge for those who love to have their heads in the clouds.

Enjoy a free hot drink when you buy a 1-day Live 3000 pedestrian pass.

Why not rise to the occassion and get a taste of happiness?

Coffee shop opening hours: 10:15 am to 3:00 pm or 3:30 pm from January 22, 2024 onwards (subject to the opening of the Glaciers gondola).