What is Live 3000 ?

Une Aventure Inoubliable à 3000 Mètres d'Altitude

Welcome to Live 3000, a unique destination perched at an altitude of 3000 meters in the La Plagne domain. Located between Roche de Mio and the highest point of La Plagne, Live 3000 offers an exceptional experience for mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Admire breathtaking views with an unobstructed panorama of Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks. The panoramic terrace at Live 3000 is the perfect spot to take memorable photos and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Live 3000 is a pedestrian-only area.

📍 Access: Departure from the Télécabine des Glaciers.

LIVE 3000

An adventure awaits you at an altitude of 3000m!

This summer, explore 2 new trails at La Plagne's summit: Live 3000:

The Discovery Trail at Live 3000 is more than just a panoramic view. Whether you're a mountain enthusiast or looking for an adventure, this trail offers an enriching experience for people of all ages. A viewpoint indicator will help you identify the names and altitudes of the surrounding peaks.

🟢 Green level - easy

The descent from the summit of Live 3000 to the intermediate station at Col de la Chiaupe is a pleasant hike for nature-loving enthusiasts seeking tranquility.

🔵 Blue level - moderate

👟 So, get your gear ready, put on your hiking shoes, and explore Live 3000

📍 Glaciers cable car (pedestrian access only)

LIVE 3000

Prepare your picnic and come and enjoy a unique experience at Live 3000!

Fancy a lunch break in the mountains, with a breathtaking panoramic view of Mont Blanc? Live 3000 offers you a unique experience at an altitude of 3000m.

For those who enjoy eating outdoors, picnic tables are available for a convivial moment in nature. Settle in comfortably and enjoy a picnic with family or friends while admiring the view.

Enjoy a snack at the Sixième Ciel café.

Live 3000 offers magnificent walking trails in the surrounding area. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, you can explore Live 3000 on a track suitable for your level.

Glaciers cable car via Roche de Mio-open every day except Saturday.

Le Sixième Ciel

A place of natural happiness

In this friendly space, everyone can take a break to have a snack, savour a drink, or simply contemplate the beauty of nature. Whether on the terrace or inside, this cocoon is a refuge for those who love to have their heads in the clouds.

Enjoy a free hot drink when you buy a 1-day Live 3000 pedestrian pass.

Why not rise to the occassion and get a taste of happiness?

Coffee shop opening hours: incoming (subject to the opening of the Glaciers gondola).