Live 3000

Ascend and live the experience at the summit

Situated between the Roche de Mio and La Plagne's rooftop at an altitude of 3000 metres, this sensational natural area offers a different view of the mountains.

How about a trip up to 3000m to discover another facet of the mountains?

Access from the top of Roche de Mio thanks to the gondola: Glaciers, a 10 minute comfortable ride to the top to take in the view of the glaciers from the magnificent panoramic terrace at the top.

At the top, the skiing is suitable for very good skiers, with the Combe red run and two black runs: Rochu and Bellecôte. However the more leisurely skiers won’t be left out, as they will also be able to enjoy the quality snow on two great slopes which can be reached with the gondola (the red Lanche Ronde slope and the blue Frête slope).

For pedestrians, the promise of a great day out where relaxation, contemplation and enjoyment are all on the agenda.

Le Sixième Ciel

A place of natural happiness

In this friendly space, everyone can take a break to enjoy lunch savour a drink, or simply contemplate the beauty of nature.

Whether on the terrace or inside, this cocoon is a refuge for those who love to have their heads in the clouds.

Why not rise to the occasion and get a taste of happiness?

Coffee shop opening: July 14th (subject to the opening of the Glaciers gondola) from 9.45am to 16.30pm.

Avalanche Park

Explore the Avalanche Park, an area specifically designed for avalanche transceiver research training. Accessible to everyone, this environment provides you with the opportunity to use your own equipment to refine your search skills.